Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Makeup Tips for Your Diamond Face Shape
Those with a diamond face will have a similar face shape toScarlett Johansson (pictured right) and will recognize the long proportion and narrow appearance.
To counteract the characteristics of a diamond face shape, blusher, highlighter and horizontal lines should be used to round out the contours of the face and create width. For further advice, try these tips:
  • Warm colored blusher applied above your eyebrows, blended up to your hairline and on and under the pointiest part of your chin will reduce the length of your face.
  • Using pale, silvery eye shadow over your whole eyelid will give the illusion of width. The shadow should also be blended to the outer corner of your eye to the brow. Finish with some eyeliner softly smudged along the line that runs across your eye socket.
  • Blend highlighter underneath the full length of your brow and a pale eye liner under your eye from the inner corner to the middle. Combine this with a softly smudged pencil line under your lower eyelashes and then take it out to a lightly extended line for width.
  • Apply some highlighter on and under your cheekbones to create width.
  • Add some blusher just below your cheeks and then blend it across the width of your cheeks. This will add emphasize to the width across the center of your face.
  • A pale lipstick is great for creating width. Apply it from the center of your lips right out to the corners of your mouth and then add a little highlighter along your top lip to bring out the natural horizontal line of your lip. For more tips on shaping your lips, see our beauty articleMakeup Tricks: Shaping Your Lips.
  • To see the difference lipstick can make to your face shape visit the extras section in our Virtual Hairstyler and try out our selection of lipsticks.
When it comes to makeup, the number one rule is that you should always be comfortable. Use these tips and makeup color suggestions as a guide for creating your own look and remember that all face proportions are different and the aim is to balance your own individual features within your face shape.


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