Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees which come in a variety of colors and traditional motifs inspired by nature are the most popular among the people. These Sambalpuri sarees are handloom silk sarees made according to the ancient traditional method practiced in Sambalpur in orissa. They are famous for their unique designs and beautiful, effulgent colors. Sambalpuri cotton sarees have a smooth finish and have a distinctly original border and pallu. fish, conch shell and flower motifs are woven into the fabric. Sometimes floral and animal motifs are also used to decorate the borders and pallu. They have their own coarse beauty and are often imbued with hidden symbolism. The Sambalpuri sarees with motifs, and tie and dye art reflect superb craftsmanship of the villagers.

Sambalpuri textile is fabricated using tie and dye method. The craftsman conceptualizes the design, draws it and according to the design, he colors the yarn, all by hand. It represents the life and gives a message "Your body may wear but the soul lives for ever". the fabrics once colored cannot be bleached. The fabric may get thin and gradually damage but the color still does not fade. The fabric is both silk and cotton. These sarees have an appealing form, workmanship, design and color combination.


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