Tuesday, December 14, 2010

long hairstyles

Casual Long Straight Hairstyles
A casual long straight hairstyle can be worn everyday at work, home, or in your free time. These hairstyles consist of precision cuts, one length looks, varying layer cuts and razor cuts. Layered and razor cuts will require some styling effort, but one length looks simply rely on gravity to keep the hair falling downwards and ensure the style falls into place. This hairstyle can be cut shorter in different places to break up the look; for example, bangs can be used to shorten the face shape and accentuate the eyes, or face-framing layers through the sides can conceal a squarer jaw line. One length looks are pretty well self styling. For styles that are layered or razor cut, extra effort and styling time is required to achieve lasting looks. To change the look in an instant long hair can also be pulled back, put up, plaited or braided.

Avril Lavigne
Straight and simple is what this luscious 'do is about. The length flows well below mid-back with medium to long layers cut around the sides and back to add shape and lighten the ends. Splashes of color are added through the top and sides for contrast and completes the over-all style superbly.

Styling Time: 20 minutes

Laura Croft
This straight mane is kept long and simple with only layers cut through the front and sides to lighten the length and adds shape to the over-all look. The jagged bangs sit beautifully to frame the top of the face and completes the style magnificently.

Styling Time: 20 minutes

Miley Cyrus
These glossy locks fall over the shoulders showing off the subtle layers through the edges to compliment the luscious length. This simple style is great for those with fine to medium hair looking for a low-fuss 'do to suit a round face shape.

Styling Time: 20 minutes

Amber Lancaster
Smooth and simple makes this hairstyle great for those with fine to medium hair looking for a style to compliment a round face shape. The long layers cut around the sides and front soften the over-all style for sweet and sexy finish.

Styling Time: 30 minutes


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