Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hair removal

Hair Removal for Women

Women may be the most criticized species in the planet, every physical aspect of the women is studied and judged. Even hair is important for a women's physical appearance.
Every woman knows that when deciding which body hair removal technique to use, there are several factors to consider. All women will have some amount of unwanted hair, and trying to find an easy and affordable way to remove it can be a challenge. There are very cheap options to the problem, but if you want to spend a little more then there are permanent solutions available.

Waxing the Hairs off

Waxing is fast becoming a popular method of hair removal; it can cost more than other solutions and can be painful. Some woman claim it doesn’t hurt at all, but it can be uncomfortable especially the first time it is carried out. Regrowth is a lot slower after waxing, and it does give a very smooth finish, although you will need to put some moisturizer on the areas after waxing.

As the name implies, waxing involves the use off some sort of wax to remove the unwanted bodily hairs. While this process of hair removal is popular and has been largely popularized by Hollywood, it's not the most painless way there is. Results are by no means permanent, as well.

While it is true that the hairs are removed by the roots, new hair formation would emerge after 2 to 8 weeks. After which you have to deal with the new hairs. Even if this procedure is often harrowing because of the pain, many women still risk the skin on their bikini area and even face.

Surgery Hair Removal

Sugaring, as the name implies, makes use of sugar as one of the substrates used in the procedure. Some people state that sugaring is less painful than waxing. The reason for this perhaps is the fact that the more natural formulation does not attach to the skin. Nevertheless, hair removal through epilation always hurts because you are talking out not only the hair shaft but also the roots.

Another drawback to this approach is that it's difficult to get the correct thickness/density correctly when you make a homemade version of the sugaring solution. Don't worry you can just try to find sugaring solutions in your drug store. However, some of these contain guar gum, a form of resin.


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