Thursday, January 6, 2011

indian saree

Indian sarees

Saree is the most popular and widely worn ladies dress in India. Sari is commonly worn by Indian ladies in all regions in India. Sari also has become a party-wear dress. Saree is traditional and feminine dress which has been worn by the Indian ladies for centuries ago. Still,Sari is considered as a perfect dress for women for different occasions like marriages, festivals and birth of a child. From Hindu literature it is depicted from the paintings, Sareewere used by so many ancient legendary figures like Radha, during the time of lord Krishna Draupati in Mahabarata.
It has also been noticed from Indian history that Rajput Queen of Mughal Emperor Akbar in 16th century loved to wear Sari which were made of fine fabric and different types of hand work were got done on it sari viz. Silver Zari and Golden Zari, Resham thread embroidery, sitara, Lucknow karai, Dabka, Jardozi, Sequence, Antique, beads, pipe, mukash, bandez etc. These typical types of hand work are being done on Saree by artisans now days also. While celebrates and festivals women use to wear such types of Sari . Now days printed Saree is also commonly worn by Indian ladies.
The Sari is a piece of unstitched cloth styled in such a manner that perfects draper in a fascinating way to show her perfectly dressed, the apparel which suits for all the occasions or even in daily use.
To complete the Saree perfectly draped, a garment named petticoat is required to be worn under the Sari to hold the Saree placed properly on the portion from feet to waist on the body of a women. It is an integral part of Sari shaping like long skirt to be tightening either by drawstring ( nara ) or elastic around the waist to keep the Saree hold on it.
Blouse comprises the part of Sari. It is also the integral part of the Saree, requires to be worn by women while dressing up in Sari. Blouse is just like a compact part of choli either having sleeve or sleeveless is worn on the upper part of the body to cover the breast.
This is Greyish Green color saree fabricated on Smoke Georgette
This is Casual drape,gifting and semi formal/formal occassions.
It crafted very beautifully
Costume/Outfit - Saree with Blouse Piece.

Deep peach jacquard saree.
This drape is intricately embellished with resham, zari and patch work in form of designer motifs.
Grab this saree before the next party season.
Matching blouse is available with it.


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