Monday, January 17, 2011

Indian Wedding Dresses

Traditional Indian wedding dresses are different in different parts of India. It different from region to another as per the traditions of different communities. Traditional Indian wedding dresses range from salwar-kameez-dupatta, lehenga-choli to sarees. Like for instance, the traditional bridal dress in northern India is salwar kameez, where as in western region it is lehenga choli and in eastern and southern parts, it is lovely sarees in diverse styles. Traditional Indian wedding dresses are basically bright colored mostly red. White color is avoided. Red is known as the traditional color of Indian wedding dresses and it is also believed that this color bring good luck and happiness in the life of newly married couple.  

Traditional Indian wedding dresses are quite different from western style of wedding attire. The Indian wedding dresses are generally bright in colors preferable red, orange, blue, rust, pink, peach, magenta, maroon or green.  one of the main features of traditional Indian wedding dresses is that they are embellished with gorgeous needlework. However, nowadays the Indian bridal dresses have come in some really beautiful varieties and in custom made designs and cuts. gorgeous and colorful are the two words that could be ascribed to a traditional Indian wedding dress. Indian brides sparkle and shine on her special day and this expectation is totally credited to the bright outfit, excellent make up, perfect accessories, unique jewellery and so on. Indian wedding traditional dresses are generally brightly colored and wonderfully embellished ensembles. Thus, beautiful Indian wedding dresses can make the bride look beautiful if perfectly suited.

Types of Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses

A variety of traditional Indian wedding dresses are available. In fact, the traditional Indian wedding dresses reflect the incredible amount of religious and cultural varieties of the Indian sub-continent. Thus, the exact style of wedding dresses in India varies from one region to another. Some of the most commom styles of traditional Indian wedding dresses are sarees, lehenga choli and salwar kameez.

A saree is a piece of cloth wrapped around the body in a very intricate pattern. Today, women prefer to wear bridal sarees available in diverse styles. On the other hand, lehenga choli typically comprises a long skirt and a short blouse. A lengthy scarf with rich embellishments is called a dupatta. All these traditional wedding dresses are made of bright colors with heavy embellishment and embroideries.

However, their is one similarity among all these wedding dresses. All the different types of wedding dresses are elaborated and embroidered intricately. Indian wedding dresses can also have some designs with gold or silver wire if it suits the budget. The most common fabrics used in traditional Indian wedding dresses are silk, chiffon, satin, and other fabrics those have shine and reflect light. In addition to the wedding dress, there are some element of wedding wear that are crucial to and adorn the beauty of the wedding attire an Indian bride. These accessories include necklaces, rings, earring, bracelets, etc. This type of immense ornamentation is a traditional part of the wedding collection. Although trendier designs are now coming into fashion, the traditional pieces have not lost its color.

Red is still one of the favorite colors for traditional Indian wedding dresses. Since this color has religious and significance, this choice is likely to stay for a real long time. Designer wedding dresses are coming up with a greater collection with more intricate designs, choosing the right wedding dress needs great attention and care. Careful planning and right choice can avoid unwanted situation like broken embellishments, unsuitable color and misfit.

Traditional Indian wedding dresses are said to be the most stunning and glamorous wedding dresses. The traditional Indian wedding dresses are beautiful pieces with fine embroidery and embellishment.


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