Saturday, January 15, 2011

leg removal

Hair Removal for Leg

The grandparent of all hair problems is the humble leg. Whether you’re male or female, the leg usually presents the most obvious and unsightly growth of hair. If you like your leg hair, that’s just fine. However, for millions who abhor the curly growths on their limbs, hair removal is their only solution.


Of course, the most common type of leg hair removal is shaving. Men usually make use of conventional straight razors or commercial disposable razors for this purpose. What’s the difference between the two? Well, mechanically, both types of razors are still wedges. However, straight razors make use of a straight razor that emanates from a stabilizing handle.

Some straight razors make use of disposable blades while some are built as complete tools with sharpened edges. The term “cut throat” originally came from a ‘nickname’ of the straight razor, because it looks like it’s ‘cutting’ something as it folds into its stabilizing handle. Disposable razors on the other hand are built with double or triple strips of blade parallel to each other, offering more safety and comfort during shaving.

 Tweezing Them Out

While it might sound too laborious to some, there are some folks who have mastered the fine art of using tweezers for the leg hairs. In principle, tweezers are simply two pieces of metal or plastic united by a joint. For hygiene, the most common variety of tweezers used is the flat-tipped variant that may or may not have a screw joint.

There are many drawbacks to this approach. First, it’s time-intensive and requires a certain mastery of tweezing (so that the hairs would be pulled out and not snapped at the skin level). Second, it’s painful and can cause goose pimple-like protrusions to emerge.


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