Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Types of Indian Clothing

The discussion on the costume and its various categories can easily throw a glimpse of a country's culture and tradition. in literal sense, the word costume refers to attires or a distinctive style of dressing of a specific class of people in a particular period. it refers to the creative array of accessories in a picture, statue, poem, or play. It should be apt for particular time, place or other situations. Costume also denote those special attires that a person wears to embellish his beauty and glory during social event like masquerade, a or in an arty dramatic concert.

costume can be categorized into broad groups and these are as follows:-

Theatrical costumes: this type of costume is seen in movies, plays and dramatic performances.  Theatrical costume is seen in movies, play and dramatic performances. Theatrical costume nicely portrays varied aspects of the personality of the character that an artist wants to depict, such as profession, class belonging, gender etc. informations regarding the time period, geographical location etc too can be emphasized with the help of costume designing.

National costume: it is also known as regional costume, thus communicating special traits of any culture. It is also linked to the pride of any nation. to cite examples, a japanese can be acknowledged by its kimono while Scotsman is recognized by its 'kilt'.
On the occasion of any festival or joyful occasions it has almost become customary to buy and new customs. Costume, thus has become integrated with the festival festivity. The wearing of costumes has become an significant part of holidays and festival like 'mardi gras' and 'Halloween'. mardi gras costumes usually resemble those of jokers and other fancy characters. However Halloween costumes usually look like the apparels of mystical being like 'angle', spirits, and 'vampires'. Chritmas and easter costumes typically portray mythical characters. Santa claus puts on a santa outfit and beard, while the Easter Bunny is decked up on a beast costume. Gorilla suits are full-bodied costumes loosely resembling gorillas or other large primates. The performers wear a gigantic costume, resembling closely to any puppetry. Everywhere the people wear fashionable costume during secular festivals and holidays. For example Uncle Sam costume is worn colorfully on the Independence day.

Specials costumes are made for children. They are very colorful and fancy. To them costumes can provide immense pleasure and amusement of role-playing. Children can be decked up in a varied fashion. By experimenting with costumes they can simulate the popular historical and fictional characters, such as pirates, princesses or cowboys. By wearing special customs they want to look like animals in zoos or enjoy playing the roles of professionals like nurses or police officers.

Dressing like Mascoat, too was in fashion. These wearable are used for sports like footballs, basketballs etc. Animal costumes, which are visually very similar to mascoat costume, are also popular among the members of the 'furry fandom' where they are known as 'fursuits'.

In any civilized society, costume is not only a basic necessity, beautiful dresses and accessories also add to the esthetic appeal and glorifies one's personality and charisma.


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