Monday, January 10, 2011

valentines day 2011

Valentine's Day is a very special day that comes once a year. A lot of people make plans for Valentines to make their loved one feel more special. Whether you are going on a night out with your boyfriend, a casual date or dinner with your girl friends, there is always the pressure to look very hot and beautiful during this Valentine's Day. If you're single, don't stay home in your pyjamas. Go out and celebrate as Valentine's Day can remind you that you can do better without a man, and you can flirt with anyone. Whatever your status may be on the 14th of February, it cannot be denied that people enjoy being noticed and what we wear can enormously influence how other people will see us.
So, if you're a girl planning a romantic dinner who wants her man to skip dessert, wear a jaw-dropping dress style that will accentuate your assets and narrow your waist.
Trumpet style dresses never fail to give fantastic hourglass especially when paired with a cap or accentuated sleeve or shoulder. Also, pencil style is always very sexy and can make any woman look sleek and trim. However, if you are not comfortable with the tight fit of pencil styles, you can always go for the less restricted A-line. Imagine the 50s prom style where women wear skirts with a petticoat and alluring strapless tops.
If you want heads turn to your direction as soon as you open the restaurant, do for decolte necklines or sexy slit pencils but not both together. You can reveal one are of your body without looking trashy by concealing other parts. Mermaid and maxi dresses in violet, plum or aqua are incredibly elegant and trendy. Wearing bright red mermaid can make you look like you're trying too hard which turns off a lot of men and women alike. Color and fabric can give you a different look and a feeling of excitement so go for dresses, tops and skirts in luxurious silks in different romantic colors as chocolate, wine, blush, and everyone's favorite, black.

Short Designed Valentine’s Day Dress

Entice your beloved with this extremely pleasing strapless sweetheart neckline Valentine’s Day dress. Design all over and broad empire waist band with beaded large square shape buckle in center are its details. 

Stupefying Short Valentine’s Day Dress

Give your romantic outing a spark wearing this “Stupefying Short Valentine’s Day Dress”. Details of this Valentine’s Day dress are ruching bust, beaded waist band and designed bottom. 

Frilled Valentine’s Day Dress

Look extra special on Valentine’s Day in this “Frilled Valentine’s Day Dress”. Ruching bust, beaded empire waist band and beaded straps and neckline are appearance enhancing details of this Valentine’s Day dress. 

Floral Hem Valentine’s Day Dress

 Look your best on your special day in this cute “Floral Hem Valentine’s Day Dress”. Floral embroidery design along the hem and beading along the neckline are eye-catching details of this strapless Valentine’s Day dress. 


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